Pet Peeve of the Day: One Word Responses!

Yep,” “Ok” and the never welcomed “K.”

We’ve all done it and have all received it more than we’ve done it. (Not sure why that’s so…) But, the one word responses to texts and emails are frustrating and time wasters.  Sure under the guise of “receipt confirmation” we justify it, but it is really not necessary.  The Clarion Ledger has a “Business Leaders from Mississippi” section in the paper weekly. Tips from the pros, as it were.  One tip in particular, or frustration rather, was the time wasted in receiving and reviewing one word responses, via Joel Bomgar.  Bomgar is the brains behind the Bomgar Representative Console, technology that allows for access and control of systems and devices remotely, including personal computers, smartphonestablets, servers, switches, among other devices.

About the only time one word responses are acceptable is during testimony.

Q: Are you married to Timmy?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you want a divorce from Timmy?

A: Yes.

One word responses are an irritant and usually not necessary. Use them sparingly, if at all.  K?

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