Pet Peeve of the Day: Text Message Novels

We’ve all received them, ridiculously long texts messages…


Texting is meant to be convenient or perhaps a stealthy means of communication.  Long messages are neither convenient or stealthy.  Additionally, they are impossible to respond to in a satisfying fashion.  If it takes more than one text box; call, write an email or send a letter.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney that is not afraid for his clients to have his cell phone number, it’s even on his business cards, but you will not get an adequate response to a “text message novel.”  

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One thought on “Pet Peeve of the Day: Text Message Novels”

  1. An interesting thing about Text messaging, however, is that it’s gone from being a thing done as sort of a gimmick, and particularly attractive to teenagers, to something that a lot of lawyers have incorporated into working communications.

    Indeed, it’s tracked email that way. When email first came in there were all sorts of dire warnings about how it was untrustworthy and how a lawyer ought to fear using it, to being something that now is routine to such an extent that some lawyers communicate with their clients only in that fashion, and vice versa. Texting is still in the stage where CLEs are given (as they once were for email. . . and blawging) about “don’t ever”, but that’s now a thing of the past and texting, as a legal tool, is here to stay.

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