Why a Lawyer Does NOT Call You Back.

It’s just a “…quick question.  Just one question. Does the father of my baby have any rights and will I get in trouble if…”

We all get them. A voice-mail left in the inbox, an email or a comment/question on the website.  The problem is answering just one question could very well be considered rendering legal advice.  Upon that being done, a lawyer’s responsibility can grow exponentially. Huh?

You call and say;

“this is Miranda. I just want to know if Ricky can see my baby and if I’ll get in trouble if I don’t let him.  We went to court some years ago and the judge said he had to pay but that I had custody…”

There is no way to answer the above adequately without more information.

  • What did the Order state?
  • Who has legal custody?
  • Who has physical custody?
  • Does he have visitation?
  • Why are you refusing?
  • Is he dangerous?
  • What was he ordered to pay?
  • Is he in arrears?

Without more information any answer is dangerous and could very likely be wrong.  And once you’ve relied upon it and then sued over it you say, “Well, Lawyer so-and-so told me to do “x.”

That is why lawyers do not call you back when you are not a client. (When you are a client and don’t get a call back is another story entirely, and a blog for another day.)

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney and sometimes cannot respond to the comments and questions left on this site because of lack of information.  Additionally, if you do not include a means to contact you directly the only way to respond is through a public posting which would require disclosing your information which is generally not appropriate.

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2 thoughts on “Why a Lawyer Does NOT Call You Back.”

  1. Very true indeed.

    Of course, all lawyers get “cold calls” like this, which is also tricky. An unknown person is passed through by the receptionist, and says “I just have one question.” You have no prior lawyer client relationship with them, and they have no thought whatsoever of actually paying you for the service of answering their question, as they believe as a lawyer you have that secret pile of legal knowledge which you may freely dispense, and besides that you are wealthy and they are not, they believe. Then comes the incredibly tricky question, which is probably completely outside of your field of practice.

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