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Just One Simple Question…

Just one simple question…

What a lawyer says matters. Not that it’s more important than what your Doctor or Pastor says, but if a lawyer is wrong you and he/she may get in trouble. Lots of trouble.

Often I am asked “Can you answer just one simple question?” The problem is the knowledge and information necessary makes neither simple nor just one question.  For example, “Will I have to pay Alimony?”

To Answer that with even a remote chance of “getting it right,” one needs to know;

  • What do you do?
  • What does your spouse do?
  • Respective incomes?
  • Earning Capacities?
  • Education?
  • How long since you’ve last worked?
  • How long since she’s last worked?
  • Are there minor children in the home?
  • What age?
  • How long have you been married?
  • Marital fault?
  • How much is the marital estate worth?
  • Is it liquid?
  • How much is the separate estate worth?
  • What else is the spouse receiving?

Just one simple question…

Matthew Thompson is a Domestic Relations Attorney in Mississippi and reminds you that Mississippi is indeed an “Alimony state.”

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Why a Lawyer Does NOT Call You Back.

It’s just a “…quick question.  Just one question. Does the father of my baby have any rights and will I get in trouble if…”

We all get them. A voice-mail left in the inbox, an email or a comment/question on the website.  The problem is answering just one question could very well be considered rendering legal advice.  Upon that being done, a lawyer’s responsibility can grow exponentially. Huh?

You call and say;

“this is Miranda. I just want to know if Ricky can see my baby and if I’ll get in trouble if I don’t let him.  We went to court some years ago and the judge said he had to pay but that I had custody…”

There is no way to answer the above adequately without more information.

  • What did the Order state?
  • Who has legal custody?
  • Who has physical custody?
  • Does he have visitation?
  • Why are you refusing?
  • Is he dangerous?
  • What was he ordered to pay?
  • Is he in arrears?

Without more information any answer is dangerous and could very likely be wrong.  And once you’ve relied upon it and then sued over it you say, “Well, Lawyer so-and-so told me to do “x.”

That is why lawyers do not call you back when you are not a client. (When you are a client and don’t get a call back is another story entirely, and a blog for another day.)

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney and sometimes cannot respond to the comments and questions left on this site because of lack of information.  Additionally, if you do not include a means to contact you directly the only way to respond is through a public posting which would require disclosing your information which is generally not appropriate.

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