Lying Eyes & Other Signs of Lies and the People That Tell Them.

If you’ve ever been involved in a family law case then you’ve dealt with someone lying.


Clients, witnesses and even lawyers sometimes lie.  It could be a little white lie or a huge whopper. A former CIA officer said to watch out for these cues that you might be being lied to;

  • The Eyes Tell the Tale.  When asked a question the witness looks up, closes their eyes or looks down, especially on a question they should know.
  • Shielding the Face.  When speaking the person have their hand in front of their eyes or mouth.
  • Verbal Answer/Body Language Disagree.  The best example of this was when the deponent was asked if she was having an affair.  She said, “No,” but shook her head Yes.  When confronted with this she spilled the beans.
  • The Delayed Response.  Some things you should not have to think about.
  • Fidgeting.  Messing with your hair, your cup, or your pen when answering.
  • Nose Grows.  Think Pinocchio.  Very rare*

Want to know more about lies and the people that tell them?  Try these;

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in Mississippi and advises you to NEVER lie while under oath.

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