The First Phone Call to the Attorney; What to Know?

The first step is always the hardest!


When you call a Family Law Attorney for the first time there are some basics that are pretty universal.  Be ready with this information.

  • Your full name and that of your spouse/defendant
  • Whether anything is on file in any Court
  • Critical deadlines, trial dates, hearing dates, etc…
  • Who the attorneys are, if any
  • Who the Judge is
  • What Court you are in, if so
  • What County is home for you
  • Date/Place of Marriage
  • Date/Place of Separation
  • Ages of children
  • Job description and approx. income
  • Whether it will be contested or Agreed

These are the basics that any family law practitioner is going to need to do a conflicts check and to do a proper evaluation of your case.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in Mississippi and encourages potential clients to educate themselves and know their stuff!

Follow the blog:#BowTieLawyer Visit the website: #Thompson Law Firm  You may also contact Matthew with your family law matter or question at (601) 850-8000 or


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