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3 things NOT to say the First time you call a Lawyer.

Calling a lawyer for the first time feels worse than going to the dentist or seeing a letter in your mailbox from the IRS.


In addition to being nervous, you are typically calling because you are having legal problems and need help.

3 things NOT to  say on that first call:

  1. TLF:  Thompson Law Firm, this is Sara speaking. How may I help you?

           PC:  This is John. Y’all have to do free (or pro bono) cases, right?!

 2. TLF:  Thompson Law Firm, this is Sara speaking. How may I help you?

           PC:  This is John. How much is a No Fault divorce?

         TLF: Well, John, that depends upon whether all of the issues are agreed upon with regard to…

        PC:  Attorney “So-and-So” said he’d do it for $500.00 dollars!

     3. TLF:  Thompson Law Firm, this is Sara speaking. How may I help you?

           PC:  This is John. I need a bulldog! I want a Junk Yard Dog that will get down and dirty, do whatever it takes and be willing to go lower than Trump or Hillary!

         TLF: Well, sir,  all we do at TLF is family law, but there is a right way of handling matters…

BONUS:  TLF:  Thompson Law Firm, this is Sara speaking. How may I help you?

           PC:  This is John and I need a divorce…hold on just a second…(said into speaker) I need a #5, super biggie sized, extra ketchup and pickles, and a diet coke…(back to TLF)…now, where was I?

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Divorce Attorney and knows it’s hard to make that first phone call, but NOT doing the above and being prepared will make it easier.

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The First Phone Call to the Attorney; What to Know?

The first step is always the hardest!

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When you call a Family Law Attorney for the first time there are some basics that are pretty universal.  Be ready with this information.

  • Your full name and that of your spouse/defendant
  • Whether anything is on file in any Court
  • Critical deadlines, trial dates, hearing dates, etc…
  • Who the attorneys are, if any
  • Who the Judge is
  • What Court you are in, if so
  • What County is home for you
  • Date/Place of Marriage
  • Date/Place of Separation
  • Ages of children
  • Job description and approx. income
  • Whether it will be contested or Agreed

These are the basics that any family law practitioner is going to need to do a conflicts check and to do a proper evaluation of your case.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in Mississippi and encourages potential clients to educate themselves and know their stuff!

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