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Happy Birthday! Donate to Mississippi Legal Services

In lieu of birthday presents this year, I’m asking that you consider making a donation to Mississippi Center for Legal Services Corporation.

Legal Services afforded me my first legal “job!” The summer of my first year of law school I volunteered with them. I was assigned to work with an amazing attorney, Lula Anderson.

Attorney Anderson was one of the contract family law attorneys at the time and I heard Irreconcilable Differences Divorce 101 more times than I could count that Summer. Due to that experience it helped me get a paying clerkship with the family law firm Chinn & Associates, paving the way for Thompson Law Firm.

I’ve chosen this nonprofit because their mission means a lot to me. Legal Service’s attorneys represent low income families, pro bono, in Mississippi that need civil representation.

A lot of the great people I worked with are still there, including; Tara Bryant Walker, Richard Hitt, and Lindia Robinson just to name a few.

Since establishing my own firm, I have continued to volunteer with Legal Services. I now serve on the Board of Directors and routinely speak at Continuing Legal Education seminars for Legal Services. I’ll be presenting a Family Law Update on July 27 in Hattiesburg.

I hope you’ll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me. Every little bit will help the goal.

This link goes to the Facebook donation page.


No Facebook? Donate directly here.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Family Law attorney and Board member with Mississippi Center for Legal Services.

3 things NOT to say the First time you call a Lawyer.

Calling a lawyer for the first time feels worse than going to the dentist or seeing a letter in your mailbox from the IRS.


In addition to being nervous, you are typically calling because you are having legal problems and need help.

3 things NOT to  say on that first call:

  1. TLF:  Thompson Law Firm, this is Sara speaking. How may I help you?

           PC:  This is John. Y’all have to do free (or pro bono) cases, right?!

 2. TLF:  Thompson Law Firm, this is Sara speaking. How may I help you?

           PC:  This is John. How much is a No Fault divorce?

         TLF: Well, John, that depends upon whether all of the issues are agreed upon with regard to…

        PC:  Attorney “So-and-So” said he’d do it for $500.00 dollars!

     3. TLF:  Thompson Law Firm, this is Sara speaking. How may I help you?

           PC:  This is John. I need a bulldog! I want a Junk Yard Dog that will get down and dirty, do whatever it takes and be willing to go lower than Trump or Hillary!

         TLF: Well, sir,  all we do at TLF is family law, but there is a right way of handling matters…

BONUS:  TLF:  Thompson Law Firm, this is Sara speaking. How may I help you?

           PC:  This is John and I need a divorce…hold on just a second…(said into speaker) I need a #5, super biggie sized, extra ketchup and pickles, and a diet coke…(back to TLF)…now, where was I?

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Divorce Attorney and knows it’s hard to make that first phone call, but NOT doing the above and being prepared will make it easier.

Follow the blog: BowTieLawyer Visit the websiteThompson Law Firm You may also contact Matthew with your family law case, question or concern at (601) 850-8000 or Matthew@bowtielawyer.ms



DONATE NOW to the MVLP; Helping Low-Income Mississippians attain Lawyers

Low-income Mississippian’s have a definite need for legal services and lawyers and the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project is working to make sure those Mississippian’s get the help they deserve.  MVLP needs your help too.


Click Here to DONATE Now.

Q: What is the MVLP?
The Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project, or “MVLP,” is a 501(c) (3) non-profit legal aid organization.

Q: What is the Mission of MVLP?
MVLP enables volunteer attorneys to provide equal access to justice for Mississippians of low-income and limited means through high quality pro bono legal assistance.

Q: What types of cases does MVLP handle?

  • Divorce
  • Child support contempt, child support modification,  and visitation.
  • Emancipation
  • Simple wills 
  • Adoption, guardianship, and conservatorships
  • Name change, birth certificate correction,
  • MVLP hosts legal clinics throughout Mississippi which are staffed by local volunteer attorneys and law students.

Q: How does MVLP work?
Qualified clients are matched with volunteer attorneys who will represent him/her on behalf of MVLP. MVLP staff periodically review the client’s case to ensure that the match is successful, to assess the progress of the case, and to record pro bono hours contributed by the volunteer attorney.

Q: How is MVLP funded?
MVLP receives funding from the Civil Legal Assistance Fund, the Mississippi Bar Foundation, Legal Services Corporation, special events and seminars, donations from law firms, other business and individuals like you. Over the past several years, MVLP’s funding from the Mississippi Bar Foundation and the Legal Services Corporation, in particular, has been substantially reduced because of the country’s current economic situation. MVLP anticipates additional cuts from both sources in 2015, making this year’s fundraising campaign especially critical.

Q: How will My Donation be used?
Annual campaign donations will help MVLP to do the following:
• Recruit more volunteer attorneys to provide much-needed legal services to the poor;
• Increase the number of legal clinics and public awareness workshops offered throughout Mississippi;
• Increase the number of training sessions to volunteers on the types of matters handled by MVLP;
• Provide financial support to clients who cannot afford filing fees and other court costs; and
• Allow the organization to actively engage in short- and long-term, strategic planning with a focus on ways to expand its capacity to reach more individuals in need.

Q: What are the fundraising levels?
Benefactor $10000
Sustainer $5000
Partner $2500
Advocate $1000
Patron $500
Friend of MVLP $250

Or any amount.

Q: How can I Donate?
A: Donate online through PayPal at www.mvlp.org/donate.

Mail your donation to MVLP at PO Box 1503, Jackson, MS 39215 or

Call MVLP at 601-960-9577 and a MVLP volunteer can pick up your donation.

Please make a Donation Now!

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Family Law Attorney, Board Member for the MVLP, a volunteer attorney for MVLP and has made his donation for the 2014 campaign and challenges you to help as you are able to this worthy cause.  

Follow the blog:#BowTieLawyer Visit the website: #Thompson Law Firm  You may also contact Matthew with your family law matter or question at (601) 850-8000 or Matthew@bowtielawyer.ms