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Don’t Lie to Your Attorney- or there will be Consequences…

This is not a threat. This is a fact.

Lawyers give their best advice based on what the client tells them. Based on what the “facts” are can significantly impact not only the outcome, but also the advice given.

Routinely, clients have denied certain conduct and based upon those assertion, advice is given. Then, the other side files a pleading alleging the very conduct. Many times I have called opposing counsel and asked that they provide the proof, as it may well change my advice.

When you lie to your lawyer it impacts your case. It impacts the advice given. It impacts the strategy of the case. It also impacts what your lawyer believes from you thereafter. AND, it can also impact the outcome of your case.

So, did you lie to your attorney about a material, critical part of your case? Did that lie effect the advice given and strategy used? Did that lie come back to bite you in the tail (and could have been minimized had you just told the truth)? So, think long and hard about lying to your attorney – – and don’t do it.

Matthew Thompson is a civil litigation attorney and knows the adage of if your lips are moving you’re lying, but still wants to believe the clients.

Signs of an Unreasonable Client…

Does your lawyer avoid you like the plague, saying he’s  in “Court,” or she’s in depositions? Maybe they are, or maybe you are an unreasonable client!

Signs of an Unreasonable client:

  • You want it yesterday. (Most things are not emergencies and even the basics take time to get right.  Allow adequate time.)
  • You want it your way. (This is not Burger King.  Usually, doing it your way leads to the mess that you are now in.)
  • You do not heed advice.  (Similar to wanting it your way, you ignore instructions such as “DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH HIM IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER!” and then you call, text, email and send smoke signals and a fight ensues.)
  • You blame the messenger.  (A lot of times attorneys have to deliver crummy news due to bad circumstances.  It’s is not because we want you to suffer, but it is because that is the way it is.)
  • You think everything is an EMERGENCY. (It’s not.)
  • You want something for nothing. (You may well get what you pay for.)
  • You paid last year and think they owe you.  (That was a year ago. See You want something for nothing.)
  • You call the office, leave a message, call the cell phone, leave a message, send 2 texts, send 1 email, and call the paralegal all within 3 minutes and it is NOT an emergency.  (This is wholly unnecessary.)

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Divorce attorney and knows a thing or two about unreasonable clients.  If you identify with 2 or more of the above you may well be an Unreasonable Client, see your lawyer at their next available appointment for treatment.

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