Why I HATE Being a Lawyer.

I don’t really hate being a lawyer.  Most days I enjoy it.  It can be rewarding emotionally, financially, even spiritually, but…

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being a lawyer has its downsides.

  1. For one, we have to deal with OTHER LAWYERS.  Other lawyers do things differently than you do them.  They are slow, they don’t do what they say they will, they tell you things that are just wrong and they give their clients crummy advice.
  2. All of our CLIENTS HAVE PROBLEMS.  That is why they are seeing you.  Lawyers purposely make other people’s problems their own!
  3. All Lawyers are NOT RICH.  What?!! They never told you that before law school.  Lawyers struggle to find their niche’, find their market and some just don’t like being lawyers.
  4. JUDGES.  Judges judge you.  They judge me.  That’s their job, but some let it go to their head.  A Judge’s attitude alone can make or break a Court experience, even with the same outcome.
  5. CHURCH COMMITTEES.  Being a lawyer gets you the hot seat for every church, social, civic and community committee in known existence.  You are automatically the chairperson and the questions never stop.
  6. DOCTORS.  Doctors don’t like lawyers.  Sure, I have some doctor friends, but I have to tell them that I DO NOT sue doctors. (That’s not entirely true, as I do sue doctors that cheat on their spouses…)
  7. We have to CHARGE $.  Lawyers cannot afford to take your case for free.  (see #3, above).  I tell potential clients that I cannot afford to do it for free and that if they find one that will you better watch out for getting what you “paid” for.  Most people deserve to have a lawyer. Most lawyers deserve to be paid.
  8. FRIENDS that just have 1) question. It will only take a minute…
  9. NOT KNOWING THE ANSWER.  Of course lawyers don’t know every answer to every possible question.  I tell people when I don’t know something.  Yes, I am still a lawyer.
  10. MANY CLIENTS.  To be a successful lawyer you must have clients.  Because of this you must have multiple clients.  The downside is sometimes a client, a person you genuinely care for and want to help, has to wait on you.  This is tough.  It is a balancing act.  You, as a lawyer, cannot be in 2 places at once.  Most clients understand. Some do not.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and enjoys being a lawyer most days.

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4 thoughts on “Why I HATE Being a Lawyer.”

  1. As a consulting engineer, I see many similarities in our profession… But many differences too… Lets keep score.

    1. Other engineers are usually a resource; we tend to help each out our competitors because at some point we’ll ask each competitor if they have a set of plans on a building they designed previously. We don’t give crummy advice, we give options, each with a compromise… when our recommendations are ignored, the client alleges crummy advise because he didn’t understand the compromise. Since we don’t have to deal with the lawyers you described, Engineers… .5 points

    2. Ditto… We endeavor to solve them, but they are not our problems… They are opportunities. They only become our problems because of the possible condition of item 1… Had we known about these clients, we would’ve refused…Engineers .5, but only because we aren’t willingly accepting other people’s problems.

    3. Ditto… Few engineers are rich, but hardly any are poor, we are usually in high demand… Engineers 1.

    4. We are judged too, but not as severely as a lawyer. A fully loaded, IEEE pocket protector, sported in a single pocket, short sleeve Oxford,accessorized with a thin black tie laden with mustard stains. This fabulous ensemble is compliments high water slacks, showing mismatched socks. Surprisingly, this usually makes a good impression to the client; we have no social skills whatsoever, hence, we’re nerds. Nerds are typically great engineers. I’ll have to give the engineers 1 on this; however, Lawyers, knowing full well that they are judged on appearance and personality must bathe regularly, dress nicely, and maintain offices that are first class… Lawyers… 4

    5. Personally, I refrain from this activity or projects of this nature. Engineers… 2

    6. Doctors have no issue with engineers, nor do we need to reassure them our work won’t danger their livelihoods. Engineers… 2,

    7. Ditto… We can’t compete/bid engineering services. If we don’t get paid, we may to sue if we want to collect…. Ditto for you… But, we need a lawyer, and We may unwittingly get a bad lawyer… Lawyers 4.

    8. Friends? We are socially inept. We don’t mind helping someone if there’s a remote possibility of a potential friendship… Engineers 1. A special bonus is that these relationships don’t last… We soon realize that we are called only for help but never for a party… Ironically, we get extra points for this too because we avoid the stress associated with being socially inept at a large gathering.. Twisted logic? Definitely… 1 extra point for the engineers for a total of 2

    9. Ditto… Tie… Almost. Our answers are based on logic, and not subject to the whims of a judging judge… Engineers .5

    10. Ditto… Most clients understand that, but there is a limit. I suspect We have more control over when we can finish, but We handle this by offering options
    Fast/normal turnaround,
    expensive or normal fee,
    complete bid documents or layouts with written narrative. Basically, their choices are this: fast, cheap, or concise. Pick two… I guess that’s why we work all the time… But we usually don’t get behind. Engineers .5

    We win on points,based on the Ten items above, but lawyers get 2 bonus point for not being nerds.


    Seriously, I enjoyed your post. Made me laugh, but all professions have things that aren’t pleasant. Overall, I love being an engineer.

    1. Great Response, Jon. I think I’ll blog on why I love being a lawyer sometime soon. We may need to have a head to head, Engineers vs Lawyers.

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