First Recorded Divorce in the U.S. (Colonies, actually)

In the Quarter Court of Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony

Anne Clarke                                                                              Plaintiff

vs.                                                                                          1643-0001

Denis Clarke                                                                          Defendant

Complaint for Divorce

       COMES NOW, Anne Clark, a resident of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and files this her Complaint for Divorce and Other Relief, and would respectfully show unto this honorable Court, as follows;

      1.  Plaintiff, Anne Clarke, alleges as her ground for divorce Uncondoned Adultery and/or Abandonement and the Nottage and Ward Blog note the first recorded divorce in the American colonies involved Anne and Denis Clarke of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  In January 1643, a divorce was granted by the Quarter Court of Boston on the ground that Denis abandoned Anne to be with another woman.

In a signed affidavit, Denis confessed his actions. There were two children of the marriage and Dennis sired two children with his paramour. He also refused to return to Anne. The Quarter Court of Boston granted the divorce to Anne based on Denis’ conduct.

Divorce, it’s been here at least 371 years…

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