When to Have an Affair.

Affairs can be exciting, secretive and scandalous…

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This excitement is short-lived.  The secret too, is soon out. Finally the scandal hurts more than just the perpetrators, but also their families.  Affairs, actually, are usually disasters, depressing and not worth the effort. During an affair the participants are focused on themselves. This tunnel vision leads to neglect of those other persons in their life, which actually makes those relationships worse.

There is an ebb and flow that is true in all of our interactions with other human beings. The time you are spending with that other person is less time that you are spending with your family, focusing on your work, and even yourself.

Additionally, the fall out from the affair is “self-inflicted” injury and injures all parties involved.

So, when is the right time to have an affair?  Never.  There is no right time to have an affair.  

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Divorce Lawyer and reminds you of what Nancy Reagan has said since the 1980s, “Just Say no.”

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