Judges Love This – Making a Comeback; Turning Adversity into a Positive

I’m not going to go all Tony Robbins on you, but Judges love a comeback story.

Adversity is a part of life.  Oftentimes it is self-inflicted. I see a lot of clients that do things that are against their own best interests and it is a safe bet that at the next hearing they will have to answer questions about it.  However, just because you did some things you should not have does not mean you should give up and wallow.

I represented a client who was an alcoholic.  This person would drink themselves into oblivion and was an abusive person under the influence.  As expected it lead to trouble in the marriage and home-life and with work.  It impacted every aspect of their life.  He was sued and the wife sought temporary custody and sought to get temporary support.  He was served and summoned to a court date.  We showed up and the other attorney was expecting a fight.

We had a conference with the Judge and the other attorney told the Court all of the awful things my client does while under the influence. The Judge, so used to hearing two or three sides to every story, asked for my take.  I advised the Judge my client had a serious problem with alcohol and when under the influence acted in an inappropriate and unjustified manner, however when sober was a great father, worker and person. That the real issue was addiction and that my client needed help.

The Judge and the other side were surprised by the candidness displayed.  The Judge told a story of her own relative who struggled with alcohol abuse and that she wished he would have had the opportunity for help. The Judge stated that if he admitted a problem that she would assist in getting him help and would not hold it against him.

He was committed to an alcohol treatment program and his support obligations were held in abeyance pending completion.  It was exactly what was needed.

You can turn negatives into positives, you just have to stop doing the negatives…

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Divorce Attorney and will try to help you turn adversity into advantage.

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