It’s NOT the Lawyer’s Fault that You Don’t See Your Kids

But, for that d@#^lawyer!


I hear this a lot.  “My life was great until my lying ex and her d@#^ Attorney messed it all up!”


It was all peachy until you;

  • Had an Affair; or
  • Physically Assaulted Your Spouse; or
  • Habitually Abused Illegal Drugs; or
  • Threatened Physical Violence; or
  • Took Your Children and Refused to Return Them or Disclose Their Location; or
  • Refused to Support Your Family; or
  • All of the Above, and then some…

Is life fair? Certainly NOT.  Do your actions directly impact the quality of that life? You better believe it. So maybe your lying ex and her d@#^ attorney are NOT totally to blame.

  • Do What has Been Ordered of You
  • Be the Best Parent you Can be
  • Don’t Threaten, Harass, or Make False Allegations

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody Litigation Attorney in Mississippi and believes that you reap what you sow.

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One thought on “It’s NOT the Lawyer’s Fault that You Don’t See Your Kids”

  1. I’m supposed to be studying, but instead I’m reading your blog…. You have one of the best blogs I follow.

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