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You Do NOT Have a Right to an (appointed) Attorney…in a Divorce

The 6th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees you the right to an attorney and a speedy trial, but this is concerning Criminal prosecutions…NOT divorce.

In divorce cases and most Family Law cases you do NOT have the right to a court appointed attorney.

The exception, Termination of Parental Rights cases, is only after a showing of financial inability.

The other time there’s a Court-Appointed Attorney, a Guardian Ad Litem, the parties still typically have to pay for that person from their own pockets and they represent the child, or more often are an investigative arm of the Court.

Do you need an attorney? Yes. Will the Court give you one? Probably not.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law attorney in Mississippi.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Do I NEED a Lawyer?”  If you are asking whether you need a lawyer, usually the answer is “Yes,” you need a lawyer!


So, how do you know you NEED a lawyer?

  • When you have been sued.  If you have been served papers or if there is an active lawsuit you need to see a lawyer.
  • When you have been seriously injured and it was not your fault.  This applies to car wrecks, but it also applies to any injury.
  • When you have been arrested.  Law Enforcement involvement is usually a significant sign that you need an attorney.
  • When there are significant risks involved.  Lawyers are trained to identify and attempt to minimize risk.

Thinking that talking to a lawyer it may make the issue more serious is a fallacy.  While it may make the issue some .  Their goal is to advise you, help you, and/or defend you from whatever harm is at issue.  Knowing your rights, being prepared, and being fully informed are never negatives to self-preservation.

…I need a lawyer. How do I find one?  (click)

If you think you need a lawyer, You Do.  If you are asking yourself, or others, if you need a lawyer, You Do.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi.  

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Attorneys are Like Used Cars

Used car salesmen, stock brokers and door-to-door salespersons have tough reputations, at least the internet says so.

Well, what about attorneys? Lawyers represent the 4th highest rank of depression for any given career.  Attorneys are like used cars.  Some are shiny and look great on the outside, but are held together with JB Weld and duct tape on the inside.  Some look rough and haggard, but can get the job done in an economical fashion.  Some are much more expensive than necessary, but it’s your choice.  Some are just not equipped to get the job done.  Given this, how do you know what you are getting?

  • Ask.  Ask your friends, family and neighbors who they used? How was their experience?
  • Inspect.  You interview the lawyer as much as they interview you. Can they explain the law in terms you understand?
  • Listen.  Are they telling you just what you want to hear?

As Forrest Gump said, “You never know what you are going to get.” But, with a little homework and due diligence you can avoid getting a lemon.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Litigation Attorney in Mississippi and warns you to avoid the Lemon Lawyer.

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