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How to Be a Reasonable Client.

On the heels of “Signs of an Unreasonable Client” comes the counter, so you know how to be a reasonable client.

  1. Listen to your Attorney. You hired them, now listen.
  2. Ask if you Don’t Understand. We can sometimes fall into the trap of speaking in legalese and assume you get it you aren’t indicating otherwise.
  3. Pay Your Bill.  That is how attorneys make money and all attorneys are not as rich as they want you to think.
  4. If you Have an Issue with us, Let us Know.  Don’t tell someone else about your concerns and not allow the attorney a chance to address it.
  5. Don’t Ignore your Attorney.  One of the worst things you can do is go off the grid and not communicate.
  6. Don’t Text Incessantly. It’s great for “running 10 minutes late” or “the date is Aug. 4,” otherwise call or email.
  7. Don’t Email when a Call is Better. Somethings you just have to talk about.
  8. Don’t Abuse the Cell Phone.  Do NOT abuse the cell phone.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Lawyer in Mississippi and encourages all clients to be reasonable.

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