Don’t Call Your Attorney Over Lunch…if you can help it.

Sometimes it cannot be helped.  But, more often than not, calling during lunch is not necessary and will not get you the answer you need anyway.

Attorneys are people too.  They need some down time.

Issues, especially in Family Law, do not always occur between 9-5, M-F. I get that. However, you do not need to call your attorney at lunch time to tell him that your ex commented on another person’s FaceBook post and while it looked innocuous to the common observer it was really a dig at you because he added a 😉 emoticon.  The audacity!

Use good judgement in contacting your attorney outside of normal hours and you will get the help you need when you need it.

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody and Family Law Attorney and reminds you to NOT be the boy that cried wolf …

Follow the blog:#BowTieLawyer Visit the website: #Thompson Law Firm  You may also contact Matthew with your family law matter or question at (601) 850-8000 or


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