Judge Candidate Pledges to Donate to Charities, Matching Monies Spent by Opponent

Here’s a fresh take on Judicial campaigning.

Joseph A. Scalia Candidate for Family Court Judge – Department B

A candidate for Nevada Family Court Judge, attorney Joseph Scalia, has announced a dramatically different approach to running his campaign for Judge.  Instead of the usual fund-raising and spending, Scalia has pledged to match, dollar for dollar, all monies spent by  his opponent on campaigning with matching donations to local, non-profit charities in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

Citing  an example of unnecessary spending, Scalia noted that his opponent spent $100,000.00 in the primary and garnered 19,000 votes.  Scalia spent a reported $0.00, that’s zero!, and garnered over 16,000 votes.  No candidate received a majority so there will be a run-off.

So, political advisers, campaign strategist and consultants take heed,  Joe Scalia is throwing judicial and political campaigning on its ear.

Read about Mississippi Judicial Races and Matters here; Chancery Race 11th District, Picking Your Judge.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and thinks Joe Scalia is on to something…

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