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How to Pick a Candidate…

It’s election season. Candidates are coming out of the woodwork for senate, congress, and judicial seats. Here’s a primer on picking a candidate.


  • Do they have Experience?
    • This does not mean that they must have served in the position being sought, but does their work experience, life experience, education and training lend itself to the seat?
  • Are they Competent?
    • Experience is good, but it needs to be good experience. We all know that person that received opportunities because of connections, or who their uncle knew. Merely having experience may not be enough if you are merely a figurehead or placeholder.
    • The candidate should know what the position requires and should possess the needed traits to fill the spot.
  • Do they meet the Requirements?
    • For may positions there is age, residency and education requirements. It is fair to inquire if the bare minimums are met.
  • Why are they Running?
    • Is it for prestige or ego? Is it because they can make a difference.
    • Ask the candidate, ” Why are you Running?”
  • Are they a Good Person?
    • You can have plenty of experience, meet the requirements, be competent and still not be the best candidate. There is an intangible, hard to measure judgment of candidates. This is about their honesty, integrity and is the person they portray really the person that they are?

These are just some of the criteria that should be considered when choosing a candidate. We all have an obligation to meet the candidates, engage the process, ask questions and care. These elections impact our lives whether we realize it or not.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney and is excited about the campaign season and if all else fails you can still “eeny, meeny, miney, moe” to pick your slate.


Judge Candidate Pledges to Donate to Charities, Matching Monies Spent by Opponent

Here’s a fresh take on Judicial campaigning.

Joseph A. Scalia Candidate for Family Court Judge – Department B

A candidate for Nevada Family Court Judge, attorney Joseph Scalia, has announced a dramatically different approach to running his campaign for Judge.  Instead of the usual fund-raising and spending, Scalia has pledged to match, dollar for dollar, all monies spent by  his opponent on campaigning with matching donations to local, non-profit charities in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.

Citing  an example of unnecessary spending, Scalia noted that his opponent spent $100,000.00 in the primary and garnered 19,000 votes.  Scalia spent a reported $0.00, that’s zero!, and garnered over 16,000 votes.  No candidate received a majority so there will be a run-off.

So, political advisers, campaign strategist and consultants take heed,  Joe Scalia is throwing judicial and political campaigning on its ear.

Read about Mississippi Judicial Races and Matters here; Chancery Race 11th District, Picking Your Judge.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and thinks Joe Scalia is on to something…

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FINALLY…a Decent Campaign Video

“I’m Benny Hill and I approve this message!”

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