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Vote Early (and vote often…)

There is a run-off on June 24, 2014.   Up for election are Senators Cochran (U.S.) and McDaniel (State), both vying for the Republican nod for this fall’s U.S. Senate seat and locally, Ronny Lott vs. David Overby for the Madison County Chancery Clerk position.

This election takes place during the Mississippi Bar Convention, which is an annual Lawyer’s meeting.  Mississippi lawyers bone up on recent changes in the law and earn their Continuing Legal Education (CLE) hours and ethics requirements to keep a valid, current law license.

So, if you are going to the bar convention be sure to vote absentee ballot between now and Saturday at noon.  You can vote at your local circuit clerk’s office, M-F 8-5 and Saturday 8-12 noon.  After that you’re out of luck.

Vote early, and as the saying goes…vote often.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Family Law attorney and is voting in the forthcoming election.

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“Indecent things with Animals…” Cochran vs. McDaniel, Round 13

You can witness, firsthand, political hay being made!

The Clarion Ledger has the video on its website of Cochran’s now infamous reference to animals.

The link above is the video of Senator Cochran’s speech at Forrest General hospital.  Senator Cochran’s campaign has new vigor and he is making the rounds, glad-handing the people and being folksy… campaigning, finally.

In an attempt to relate to residents of the Mississippi Pine Belt, Cochran recalled spending holidays in rural parts of the area visiting relatives, picking pecans and doing “all kinds of indecent things with animals.”  It got laughs and Cochran, himself, smiled as he tied his memories into why the locals should support him.

Now the McDaniel campaign is claiming this to be a Freudian slip; proof that the septuagenarian Senator is losing it or worse, some horrific admission to harming small woodland and/or farm creatures.

Watch for yourself and make your own conclusions.

Catch up on the Campaign; Picture-gate, Update, Open Letter.  For mesmerizing coverage for all things campaign related hop on over to Jackson Jambalaya.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Family Law attorney and encourages you to stay tuned for the upcoming blog on animal indecency and grounds for divorce in Mississippi.  Interesting stuff…

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You Can’t Pick Your Judge (…or Can You?) 2014 MS Judicial Elections

Normally you do not get to pick your Judge.  In fact, “judge shopping” wherein a suit is filed, you see who it’s assigned to, then dismiss and refile hoping to get a different Judge is unethical and illegal.  However, November 4, 2014, is the date that you DO have a say in which Judge will hear your case.  This is election day for the Judges that are required to run for their positions.

Most Judges in Mississippi take the bench via  election.  Judges run in a non-partisan capacity, meaning they are not required to pick a political party, though they can be endorsed by parties, individuals and entities.  Judge qualifications differ depending on the seat sought, with age, residency requirements and most positions requiring a law degree and practice experience, but not all.

May 9, is the qualifying deadline for non-partisan Judicial elections.  Registration is with the Secretary of State’s Office and a recent list of the those that have qualified thus far has been released.

Most Judges are running unopposed, at least for now, but a few races will be interesting.

  • On the Coast, Chancellor Neil Harris, who’s been in the news, has an opponent in local Jackson County Board Attorney, Paula Yancey.
  • The 13th Chancery District will have a contested election.  Current Chancellor, Joe Dale Walker has some controversy surrounding a recent ruling, as noted here, and faces at least 2 opponents if he chooses to seek re-election. Gerald Martin and Deborah Kennedy have both qualified to run for this seat.   The 13th District serves Covington, Jefferson Davis, Lawrence, Simpson and Smith counties.
  • Close to home, current Chancellor Janace Harvey-Goree has not yet qualified to run, though attorney Robert G. Clark, III, of Lexington, MS has.   Judge Goree sits over Holmes, Yazoo, Madison and Leake counties.
  • Also, as of current, no Chancellors in Rankin or Hinds counties have opponents.

2014 Candidate Qualifying List

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney, with a statewide practice, reminding you that your vote counts.

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