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“Indecent things with Animals…” Cochran vs. McDaniel, Round 13

You can witness, firsthand, political hay being made!

The Clarion Ledger has the video on its website of Cochran’s now infamous reference to animals.

The link above is the video of Senator Cochran’s speech at Forrest General hospital.  Senator Cochran’s campaign has new vigor and he is making the rounds, glad-handing the people and being folksy… campaigning, finally.

In an attempt to relate to residents of the Mississippi Pine Belt, Cochran recalled spending holidays in rural parts of the area visiting relatives, picking pecans and doing “all kinds of indecent things with animals.”  It got laughs and Cochran, himself, smiled as he tied his memories into why the locals should support him.

Now the McDaniel campaign is claiming this to be a Freudian slip; proof that the septuagenarian Senator is losing it or worse, some horrific admission to harming small woodland and/or farm creatures.

Watch for yourself and make your own conclusions.

Catch up on the Campaign; Picture-gate, Update, Open Letter.  For mesmerizing coverage for all things campaign related hop on over to Jackson Jambalaya.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Family Law attorney and encourages you to stay tuned for the upcoming blog on animal indecency and grounds for divorce in Mississippi.  Interesting stuff…

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Candidate Takes Advice..? Trust the Bow Tie

Last Sunday, June 8, 2014, the Clarion Ledger pointed out a change in Senator Cochran’s campaign strategy…

And after months of defending or dodging his record of bringing home the bacon from Washington, Cochran is now using it for his offense message: Look what I’ve done for your county, town, business, military base or school. Imagine life without me, or the federal spending that makes up more than 40 percent of state revenue

Sound familiar? A blog posting on the morning of Friday, June 6, in An Open Letter to the Senate Candidates, opined that Senator Cochran needed to change the tone of the race and proclaim that he has;

…brought more monies into Mississippi than Mississippi has paid into the system.  Be proud of it…You brought more jobs, more industry, more opportunity than otherwise would have been available to Mississippi…you went to bat for Mississippi and brought home the bacon!  Be proud of that.  You did not create the 17 trillion dollar national debt, you fighting for Mississippi is not saddling our children and grandchildren to indentured servitude.  Instead it gives Mississippians a fighting chance and needed resources and the people know this.  If you had not worked to help Mississippi it would have gone elsewhere.  No one can refute that with any semblance of credibility.

I’m Matthew Thompson and I approve this message. (No word from the McDaniel camp…)

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Picture-gate; Cochran vs. McDaniel Update.

A prior post had the basics of what is now being called Picture-Gate and the dirtiest Senatorial election in Mississippi History, at least recent history.  The background can be read here; A Picture is Worth a Decillion Words.

The state’s most popular blog, Jackson Jambalaya, has been all over the story, even before it was a story.  The investigation is ongoing and a recent JJ post shed some light onto the speculation surrounding the conspiracy charges.  My prior blogged opined;

The most bizarre aspect, other than the brain that thought this was viable strategy, are the conspiracy allegations that have embroiled an attorney (Mark Mayfield), soccer coach (Rick Sager)and Hattiesburgian (John Mary), leading to their arrests.  What role they played, if any, remains to be seen, but could include providing aid or information on Mrs. Cochran’s whereabouts and how to gain access, or after the scheme, the taking down the posting and trying to “bury the evidence.” Who knows?

The conspiracy piece did indeed include Clayton Kelly receiving information on Mrs. Cochran’s exact whereabouts, how to infiltrate the facility she was in, and otherwise plotting the photo opportunity for McDaniel’s political gain.  The players seemingly only “knew” each other via FaceBook.  Yet another good reason to not put your junk on FaceBook; here or here.

No clear connection has been made to McDaniel personally and the speculation that has surrounded his campaign has largely been increased due to McDaniel’s campaign’s seemingly inconsistent stories and their pronouncements of refusing to use this situation and be above it, all the while using this situation to be critical of  Cochran and his campaign.  McDaniel also did himself no favors in refusing to answer a basic question of what he knew and when in a recent CNN interview.  The counter to this is Cochran’s seeming complete avoidance of CNN’s attempts to interview him and any other newsworthy entity, though there was a Wall Street Journal article some two nights ago indicating multiple statements to interviews by Cochran.

This sordid mess is not over yet.  On June 3, Mississippi will have a candidate for Senator and the guaranty of a nasty race in the general election.  Picture-Gate ain’t over by a long shot.

Matthew Thompson is a Chancery Practice Attorney in Mississippi (formerly the Hospitality State), aced Legislation in Law School and is still taken aback by this ever-growing saga.

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