Want a Better Life? Don’t Do This! One Divorce Attorney’s Take

I give GREAT advice everyday. At least most, I think, is good to great advice, but seldom is it truly something you did not already know…

Hearing the obvious however, sometimes helps it “click.”

I have recently spent some time speaking with former clients, now close friends, about work, life, family and why things are not magically better now that they are on the other side of divorce.

Primarily the reason is perception versus reality.  The idea that if I can just get through this period in my life all will be better does not hold true.  As soon as you make it through that time, something else comes up in life that kicks you in the teeth, figuratively speaking of course. The “just power through it” mentality usually results in a let down when that next issue inevitably crops up.

So, back to what is that I am not to do for a better life? Do NOT invite DRAMA into your life. You have  enough to deal with.  Do not allow persons who steal your spirit and crush your soul to be in your life, if you can help it.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney and warns clients about who and what they allow in their lives.

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