How NOT to Communicate; 10 Methods or Means of Communication that are more Trouble than they are Worth.

A big part of the any relationship is communication.


A big part of the trouble in many relationships is  difficulty with or lack of communication. So, I have made a list of ways to NOT communicate.

1. Threats. Don’t make them.

2. Unreasonable Demands. They are unreasonable.

3. Information Dump on a Whim.  The time must be appropriate for the discussions necessary.

4. Sensitive Information in a Non-protected Environment. Have private talks in private. Not in front of the children, friends, family and others.

5. Blaming the Other Incessantly. Accepting responsibility is one thing, being the reason that every bad thing that ever happened is not likely.

6. Screaming. Not necessary. He who is the loudest does not win.

7. Cursing. Not necessary.

8. Being Unprepared. If you or the other person are not in a position to discuss intelligently it is likely much will not be accomplished.

9. Win at All Costs. I’m always right. Even when I am wrong, I am right…right?

10. Lying. What good does it do to “win” if it’s a lie?

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney and cautions persons to be careful how they communicate with others.

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