R & R; Why Taking Some Time OFF is Critical for Your Health

Emotions can run high in Family Law.


A Family Law case; such as a divorce or child custody matter may well be the most difficult thing you have to deal with as an adult. It can be heart wrenching, gut wrenching, expensive and uncertain.

The worst of all is the uncertainty! The questions as to whether you are doing the right thing. Will the Judge see the truth? Are your children safe? It keeps your brain on “go” 24-7.  However, this around-the-clock, heightened sense also wears you out.

You cannot stay on high alert all the time. If you do, you will crash and burn.  What is the solution?  Hire the person right for you, follow their advice to the letter and do the right thing, every time. Then breath, relax and take the afternoon off. You’ve earned it.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney and recommends that clients know when a matter is DEFCON 5 and when to take it to DEFCON 1.

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