Leave a clever Comment…Win a Yeti.

You do NOT have to Like it, Share it or Tag a Friend, but you do have to leave a clever comment/ family law blog idea to WIN!


This contest is entirely subjective. My office will compile the comments/ideas and pick a winner. You then can retrieve your YETI Hopper. *(Bow Tie not included).


Go! Comments may be left on FaceBook or the Blog comment section.

3 thoughts on “Leave a clever Comment…Win a Yeti.”

  1. Bill married Jill in Hinds County. On their 3rd Anniversary, Bill confesses to Jill that he, too, wants to “become” Jill, and after various therapies & surgeries **voilà** Jill is now married to Jill. Now, new Jill (old Bill) is as happy as a slipper snail, but old Jill doesn’t like new Jill (old Bill). So, old Jill files to dissolve the bonds of matrimony from new Jill. Does old Jill sue:
    a) old Bill
    b) new Jill
    c) old Bill and new Jill

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