The Mississippi Bar Convention…Lawyers, Judges and Barristers, oh my!

Who would want to go on vacation with a bunch of lawyers?!

The Mississippi Bar Convention is the annual meeting where the Bar, the entity that oversees all lawyers admitted to practice law in Mississippi, conducts its installation of incoming officers, celebrates those lawyer & judges that have done praiseworthy acts, and hosts general family fun.

Lawyers can complete their annual requirements for Continuing Legal Education, meet other lawyers from different parts of the state and/or different practice areas and see your judges with their “hair down.”

There are parties, receptions, lunches, dinners, events and games. And all of this is happens on the sunny, sandy beaches of san Destin, FL.

So, who has two thumbs and wants to vacation with a bunch of lawyers? This guy.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and has attended the convention for 13 years.

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