Parent Tip of the Day: Delete SnapChat and TikTok

Social Media makes it very easy to stay in touch and plugged in. Too easy…

Parenting has always been a hard, full-time job. With the availability of technology at our finger tips, it seemingly is getting harder.

One way to make it easier? Delete SnapChat and TikTok from your child’s device.

I agree the SnapChat filters are neat but the access/potential for trouble is too great. It is too easy for some random to connect and send a message or image. SnapChat creates a false sense of security with its auto-delete feature. With everyone having multiple devices and traveling in packs, this provides no real security.

TikTok, too. Some of the videos are cute, but many are not.

Delete the temptation. You’ll have one less thing to worry about and more time too.

Matthew Thompson is a parent and is expressing his personal opinion.

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