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Dividing Your Divorce; Bifurcating Your Case.

Today’s post is about “math.” It’s not really, but it is about an option that may be available in your divorce case.


Bifurcating your case is dividing the divorce case from the custody/property/financial aspects of your case. It is not often done, but can be a useful tool when a party does not have grounds and the other party does not want the divorce, or when a party does have grounds and the other issues (custody/property/financial ) will take a considerable amount of time to be decided.

The basic process is requesting the Court to divide the case via  motion, first making a determination if grounds exist and thereafter deciding the remaining issues if the Court awards a divorce.

While not right in every case, it can be a significant option in protracted litigation or could preempt unnecessary litigation.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce & Child Custody attorney in Mississippi and reminds you that bifurcation may can add to your case by subtracting issues before the Court.