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Get Off the Crazy Train, NOW!

Divorce can make you crazy.

The process is hard, confusing, emotional, and sometimes contrary to common sense.

It can be easy to lose yourself in the emotion and overreact. Don’t. Think before you act. Respond deliberately in a fashion calculated to help your case, your kids and ultimately yourself.

I have seen the Crazy Train too often. It always, always goes off of the rails. I have seen the horrible FaceBook postings about this parent and that parent. I have seen the game playing of bad mouthing one parent to school officials or friends. I have seen improper papers delivered demanding this result or that result. I’ve seen parents manipulate a child to fear and loathe the other. I have seen the schedule used to interfere with the other parent’s time.

Get off the Crazy Train NOW.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Mississippi, the Hospitality State, and recommends you get off the crazy train.

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Happy Halloween! Don’t Overlook this “Holiday.”

Halloween gets no respect from divorce attorneys.  No,  Halloween is not the reincarnated Rodney Dangerfield.  It’s just that in the divorce world Halloween is not a “real” holiday.  It is not recognized either nationally or by the state.  You do not get to miss school or skip work.  The banks and post office are still open, unlike a “real” holiday.  However, Halloween is nonetheless important!

Happy Halloween!

I oftentimes put provisions for visitation on Halloween in my agreements.  It is usually met with an awkward response by the other attorney saying,”you know that’s not a real holiday, right?”  However, Halloween is a real holiday to your kids.  Dressing up, trick or treating, hay rides, wagon rides, pumpkin carving and eating candy – What is not to love about Halloween?!?

Admittedly, Halloween does have a relatively short shelf life.  From around the age of 3 or 4 to about 13 is as long as it lasts and thereafter becomes a night of mischief.  But for those ten years or so – if you solely rely on the weekend rotation to get “your” Halloween, you may only get two.  Halloween is always a moving target with regards to what day of the week it falls upon.  Halloween needs to be addressed if you have young children.

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