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Rankin Chancery Judicial Election

Again?!? It seems there is a Judicial race every year. Normally, this is not the case, but the legislature saw fit to create new judicial positions and with the untimely passing of a sitting Chancellor, another election is around the corner.

I’m not sure why a graduation cap is in this graphic.

Rankin County Mississippi will host a contested Chancery Judge election this fall. Contested in the nicest sense of the word!

Running as the incumbent is John McLaurin.

John McLaurin was selected by Governor Bryant to fill the vacancy left by Judge Dan Fairly’s passing. Judge McLaurin served as the Family Master for Rankin County since 2007, hearing the exact type of cases he now hears as a full-time Chancellor.

Judge McLaurin “has extensive legal experience with heavy emphasis in the chancery court system. He is a lifelong resident of Rankin County…” said Bryant.

McLaurin holds a bachelors degree from Vanderbilt University and graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Law. Prior to taking the bench, he practiced law at McLaurin & McLaurin since 1976.

McLaurin is a lifelong member of Brandon First United Methodist Church. He and his wife, the late Carol Noel McLaurin, were married for 33 years. They have two adult children and two granddaughters. http://www.governorbryant.com/gov-bryant-appoints-john-mclaurin-jr-as-rankin-county-chancery-judge/

* As a point of interest, McLaurin is the great-great nephew of the former Governor of Mississippi, and U.S. Senator, Anselm McLaurin, and is related to the late Robin Williams.

Running as the challenger is James “Jim” Nix.

Jim has practiced law for over 35 years and same was devoted almost exclusively to matters which are within the substantive jurisdiction of the Chancery Court.

You may remember attorney Nix from the last contested Rankin County Chancery race.

Neither candidate has really cranked up their political machines. However, this will be the most civil and professional contested race, ever, in Mississippi.

Matthew Thompson is a Mississippi Family Law Attorney and wishes both candidates could win.

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Racing in Rankin; Chancery Judge Election is a Four-Man Race

Rankin County politics are always exciting.  The Chancery Judge race is likely to be as well.

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4 candidates are in the final mix, but it’s not the same line-up as previously blogged.

Haydn Roberts has jumped in and Craig Slay has bowed out.

Rankin County,the 20th Chancery District, is currently served by Judge John Grant and Judge John McLaurin, just appointed by the Governor. A new position, for a third Judge, has been created by the legislature with the election to be held November 3, 2015.

Haydn Roberts

Haydn Roberts is the latest candidate, but is a very familiar face. Roberts previously served as the Staff Attorney in Rankin County for Judges Grant and Fairly for the past eight years. He has been involved “in over 10,000 cases by assisting the Chancery Judges with case management and review, editing and writing opinions, helping local lawyers with procedure and guiding lawyers and litigants through the Chancery Court litigation process.”

Haydn is also serving as the Family Master, a position prior served by John McLaurin . The Family Master is a part-time Judge hearing Emergency Petitions,Temporary Hearings and the types of matters the current Chancellors hear.

Roberts graduated from Ole Miss and Mississippi College School of Law.

Prentiss M.  Grant

Prentiss Grant “has lived and built his law practice in Rankin County for the past twenty-six years. Prentiss’ law practice is concentrated in family law, and eighty percent of his cases are tried in Rankin Chancery Court.”

Grant  graduated from Northeast Louisiana University and Mississippi College School of Law.

Rusty Williard 

Rusty Williard has “spent 30 years trying Chancery cases and 15 years [in] Rankin County.”  Williard is a self-proclaimed “ruthless defender of the rights of children in chancery court and with juvenile defense matters, he is currently a certified Guardian Ad Litem as well as a Youth Court advocate.

Williard graduated from Millsaps College and l Mississippi College School of Law. 

James (Jim) M. Nix

Limited information was available about Attorney Nix. An on-line presence was not readily apparent.

Company: Jones and Nix, PLLC
Admit Date: 06/02/1981
Physical Address: 814 N President St
Jackson, MS 39201
Mail Address: P O Box 55601
Jackson, MS 39296-5601
Phone: (601) 948-6800
Fax: (601) 948-7100
Email: jones-nix@att.net
Status: Active

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney and practices in Rankin County Chancery Court.  Residents of Rankin County should research and support the candidate of their choice for this important position. 

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