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BeGreat Bow Ties…Thank YOu!

Recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find a very unique new bow tie in my mailbox!


Someone sent me the above bow tie. It is by far the most unique bow tie have. Also, intentionally or not, it was sent anonymously. I could not glean who it was from. The word “KIDS” and the “Scales of Justice” certainly indicate it was intentional and someone who knew me and TLF’s passion for helping families in Mississippi. So, thank you.

BeGreat Bow Ties has a meaningful and moving backstory.

The company was inspired by Tyrelle D Shaw, who committed suicide in June 2015. Tyrelle was the original creator of the unque bow tie idea…

Some 44,965 Americans commit suicide every year. This alarmingly high number shows the need for change and awareness of this problem. Suicide is an issue that’s plagued our communities for far too long and unfortunately it’s on the rise.

At BeGreat bow ties, we want to show that every life matters and there are resources available that can help.

We donate 5% of every purchase to Elevation Society, Their mission is focused on reducing suicide, bullying, and depression by uniting humans to collectively solve issues and show every individual their life is worth fighting for.

I am grateful for my BeGreat Bow Tie and will wear it proudly.

Thank you!

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody and Adoption lawyer in Mississippi.

Lawyers, Suicide & Family Law

A recent report indicated that the legal profession has the 4th highest rate of suicide among professionals.

Family Law issues lead to a higher rate of depression than average and it is not uncommon for suicide threats and attempts to occur contemporaneously with Family Law matters.

If you find yourself dealing with these issues; family crisis, depression, thoughts of harming yourself or others, seek immediate help.  It does not mean you are weak.  You are human and emotions run the gamut in these situations.  Go to your Dr., seek out a Professional Counselor, your Pastor and/or talk to a lawyer or all of the above.  Oftentimes it is NOT as bad as you think and working with the right professional will aid your recovery.

Know this. Family law issues are NOT the end of your World and are NOT a reason to do something that cannot be undone.  Perhaps it’s cliché, but suicide is a permanent outcome due to a temporary problem.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law & Divorce Attorney and Counselor at Law and can help when dealing with a family law crisis.

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