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Less is More…Knowing the Dirt May Do More Harm Than Good.

Confession is good for the Soul.


However, what’s good for the Soul may not be so good for your marriage.  Sometimes knowing the details, deeds and dirt makes it impossible to “forgive.”  Knowing the location of the “scene of the crime” results in PTSD every time you pass by.  Knowing the name of the paramour gives you the HeeBeeGeeBees when you have a waiter/waitress with the same name.  Also, even when you know all the dirt, you still wonder if you really do.

If the goal is to attempt to reconcile and work through life’s difficulties, you may well be better served by the mantra- Less is More.

Read about “The Dirt” here, “The Book of Sins” here and more on “Reconciliation” here.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and believes that sometimes ignorance is bliss. Consult your attorney, counselor or mental health professional for more info!

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I see “dead” people.

Haley Joel Osment said it first…


I don’t actually see dead people as much as I see “dying” relationships. Yes, I am a divorce attorney.

Everyday I see these dying relationships in various places. Of course, at the office.  Those persons scheduled an appointment, but I also see “dead” people at church, the grocery store and on the sidelines at ball games.

Family struggles do not discriminate based on race, religion, or financial status. Also, putting on the happy faces and public displays does nothing to address the underlying issues.  Those take real work.

Interestingly, a divorce attorney may can help.  While sounding counter-intuitive, an experienced Family Law attorney can not only advise you of your rights and answer your questions, but can also advise you on ways to salvage a relationship, even from the brink of “death.” Options of individual counseling, couples therapy or in some instances a good dose of reality can work to jolt attitudes and one’s willingness to try.

Being one of the “walking dead” does not doom you or your marriage so long as you recognize and work to resuscitate that relationship.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce attorney in Mississippi and if your relationship is in need of 911 he may be the right Juris Doctor for your ailments.

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Lawyers, Suicide & Family Law

A recent report indicated that the legal profession has the 4th highest rate of suicide among professionals.

Family Law issues lead to a higher rate of depression than average and it is not uncommon for suicide threats and attempts to occur contemporaneously with Family Law matters.

If you find yourself dealing with these issues; family crisis, depression, thoughts of harming yourself or others, seek immediate help.  It does not mean you are weak.  You are human and emotions run the gamut in these situations.  Go to your Dr., seek out a Professional Counselor, your Pastor and/or talk to a lawyer or all of the above.  Oftentimes it is NOT as bad as you think and working with the right professional will aid your recovery.

Know this. Family law issues are NOT the end of your World and are NOT a reason to do something that cannot be undone.  Perhaps it’s cliché, but suicide is a permanent outcome due to a temporary problem.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law & Divorce Attorney and Counselor at Law and can help when dealing with a family law crisis.

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