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Less is More…Knowing the Dirt May Do More Harm Than Good.

Confession is good for the Soul.


However, what’s good for the Soul may not be so good for your marriage.  Sometimes knowing the details, deeds and dirt makes it impossible to “forgive.”  Knowing the location of the “scene of the crime” results in PTSD every time you pass by.  Knowing the name of the paramour gives you the HeeBeeGeeBees when you have a waiter/waitress with the same name.  Also, even when you know all the dirt, you still wonder if you really do.

If the goal is to attempt to reconcile and work through life’s difficulties, you may well be better served by the mantra- Less is More.

Read about “The Dirt” here, “The Book of Sins” here and more on “Reconciliation” here.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and believes that sometimes ignorance is bliss. Consult your attorney, counselor or mental health professional for more info!

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How to Fix a Marriage?

I am a divorce attorney.

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I may can help save your marriage.  I know it sounds inconsistent, but my job is to know the law regarding divorce in my state, advise you with regards to your best interests, protect your interests as I am able and to comply with your requests as much as possible within the realms of legal, moral and ethical authority.

Fixing a Marriage does not come in a manual.  There are no quick fixes, nor a consistent 3-step process, but there are some things in common that relationships that can be salvaged exhibit.

1) Both parties Desire or are open to Reconciliation.  If one party ain’t having it, it ain’t happening.

2) Both parties Try.  One party giving all the effort and the other being the limp-fish won’t get you back together.

3) Both parties accept the Risk.  Falling in love, falling on your face, falling out of love.  Risk is inherent in all relationships.

4) It takes time.  This is not a fast process.  The “end” was usually a long time coming, a build up of disappointment, or lies, misconduct or growing apart.  It took time to fail. It takes time to heal.

Saving a marriage is possible, but hard.  It takes the “want to,” the “effort,” the “risk” and “time.”  You still may fail, but you then know you did everything you could.


Wild Divorce Laws; The Undivorce, Reconstructing a Marriage

One of my first posts on this site, way back, was a cut and paste job of an article I wrote a few years back for the Mississippi Bar Family Law Section Newsletter. It was entitled, I am an Undivorce Attorney.  I am re-blogging on it because, one) I have a significantly greater audience now, and two) I like writing about good news in divorce law.  I am still an Undivorce Attorney.

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In Mississippi, you can legally UNDIVORCE!  Yes, you can have your judgment of divorce revoked by the Court that granted it.  This is not a remarriage, but rather judicially undoing the legal divorce. Why, you ask?  Well, just like sometimes people marry the wrong person, sometimes they got it right the first time and divorced the wrong person.

MCA 93-5-31, provides that a judgment of divorce may be revoked at any time by the Court that granted it.  The Court may require “satisfactory proof of reconciliation,” as well as “such regulation as it may deem proper.”  It requires a joint application of both parties. The process can be fairly simple and quick.

Upon approval by the Court, you can have your divorce erased and it’s as if you were never legally divorced.  You get “credit” for being married those years you were not, so 25 years still equals 25 years.

This is a very unique quirk in MS law and not widely known. In fact, a few judges, I have heard, have questioned whether they had the authority to do an undivorce and if it was legal.  They do and it is.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and whether you marriage was a mistake or your divorce was a mistake, I can help!

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