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The 3 Best Kept Surprise Secrets for a Happy Marriage…(you will not believe #3!)

Happy Marriages are not only in fairy tales.  They take work, but do exist in the real world.

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So, what are 3 of the best kept secrets for a happy marriage?

  1. Work out.  Exercise is good for your physical and mental health.  Exercise results in your body releasing enodrphins which make you feel good. Also, one partner working out and being healthy may well help encourage the other party the inspiration they need to do the same.  You do not have to go crazy, just go.
  2. Cook a Meal for the Other.  Cook they’re favorite meal.  Even if you cannot cook, try.  It’s the “trying” that gets you the credit. Alternatively cook together.
  3. Hire a Lawn Service. But, you just said to work out, but mowing the yard and weed-eating are awful.  More fights over when, who and whether the lawn gets cut Friday, Saturday and Sunday are had every week than fights about oil changes. Obviously expense may be a factor and a few poor souls may find their satisfaction from yard work, but if you are like most folks it is a thankless, hot, annoying chore that always needs to be done, seemingly.

Matthew Thompson is a Divorce Attorney in Mississippi and while these may or may not be the secrets that make your marriage magic, striving for things in common and focusing on the important parts of life are never a bad thing.

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Dealing with Disappointment; Divorce, Stress and Uncertainty

Unfortunately, disappointment is a part of life.  It can also be a major part of family law cases.  Most often in a family law case, someone is going through just about the most difficult thing they do as an adult when dealing with a divorce/custody matter.  Either they have done something, or their spouse has, which has caused significant upheaval, loss of trust and despair   A large part of family law includes helping someone cope with those feelings and emotions.

While there is no easy answer on how to cope, there are a number of things that can be done to promote healing.

  • Seek Counseling.  I recommend counseling to almost every client.  This is NOT because I think something is wrong with them.  It is because Counselors are people who have expertise in dealing with persons going through emotional crisis.  A lawyer can deal with a legal crisis, and some are good at the emotional issues too, but all are not.  A counselor can help and they have often heard and dealt with a similar circumstance.  Counseling can be with a licensed counselor, a religious leader or a sage friend with experience.
  • Keep a Routine.  Keeping a routine can help more than you think.  A recent study showed that persons who made their bed each morning were more organized and felt better about themselves throughout the day.  This routine made their day better.  This is something easy to do and it only takes 2 minutes, but can make a difference in how you feel.  I encourage my clients to get in a routine and keep it. I encourage them to continue their exercise regimen or start one.  Let’s Go Walking (a la Haley Barbour!).  I also encourage them to eat the right stuff.  While this may sound dumb or not my business – a family law matter concerns mind, body, and spirit.
  • Listen to Your Attorney.  One of the easiest things to say and hardest to do is to follow the advice of your attorney.  Ideally, you are working with an attorney that has handled many situations, which have been similar to yours.  Just like you, attorneys learn from experience.  Hire one that knows what they are doing and then take their advice.  This one factor alone is worthy of its own blog…

Disappointment is a part of life and, seemingly, a large part of family law.  Effectively dealing with the “bumps” in the road will help you get back on track.

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