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Banned From Court…

Know the rules of your particular Courthouse before you get there.

Certain items may NOT be taken into Court, usually. Of course no firearms or weapons may be taken into Court. There have been laws and lawsuits regarding this. See Ward v. Colom, 2016-M-01072-SCT

However, depending on your jurisdiction, there are other items disallowed, and can include:

Cell Phones, Cameras, Recording Devices, Laptops, Ipads, E-Notebooks, Smart Watches, Mace, Weapon’s accessories (ie., a holster, even if empty), Purses, Hand bags, and the like.

In some jurisdiction this applies to the litigants and in some the litigants, witnesses, observers and attorneys.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law attorney in Mississippi and reminds you to Ask your attorney the rules of what you can and cannot bring to Court.