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Don’t Hate.(At least not in public or a documentable fashion)

In family law it is easy to lose your cool.  It is easy to react, to lash out and to tell that good-for-nothing so-and-so just what you think. But, don’t!

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No good comes from telling him off.  There is no use in demonstrating how crazy she is. She won’t change and if it’s coming from you it’s probably a dirty trick. At least she thinks so.

The urge to send that hateful text or email is strong, but you cannot take it back once you do.  You figure, well he is a “SOB,” or she is “CRAZY!”  But emailing, texting or screaming at the other party brings you down to their level.  Sometimes in divorce the high road is lonely and not fun, but take it anyway. It serves your needs.  And sometimes there is no high road, just lesser degrees of the low road.

This is tough advice to give and harder advice to take.  But remember, every email and text is being reviewed, saved and printed.  It is much easier to not send the hate than to try to explain to the judge why you sent 35 messages of what terrible a human being the other person is, while trying to argue that you are the reasonable one in the relationship.

Examples of what  NOT to send;

“I H8 U!”                                        “F#(% YOU”

“DIE!!!!”                        “I never LOVED U!!!”

“You can have everything.”                    “I don’t want nothing!!”

More on what not to do; 5 FaceBook Don’ts and  5 more FaceBook Don’ts.

So, who can you complain to?  Your mother, lawyer, counselor or any of the three.  No one else, though.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and suggest that you NOT send that hate-filled message. It may come back to haunt you.

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