Read Your Papers!

It may sound rude, but the question is nonetheless valid, “Have you even read your divorce papers?


The very first step in determining your rights, answering your questions and determining whether you may get in trouble, all start with the same thing;  Reading your papers.  They define the type of custody, what you owe and the time you get for custody/visitation periods.

Agreements can be very difficult to remember.  It is easy to get confused and is easy to forget.  Read them.  Is it MY Christmas? Read the papers.  Do I owe for the car tags?  Read the papers.  Is it MY weekend or is it suspended due to an intervening holiday? Read the papers.

If you do not know how much support you owe, read the papers.  If you wonder if you have a claim for contempt because so-and-so did not have them back by 5:00 pm, you guessed it, read the papers.

“Read your Papers!” – Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney and reads lots of papers and will read yours too.

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