Forgettable Halloween!

Halloween is not a “real” holiday.  School is not out, banks are not closed, the Post Office still does their thing.


Halloween is also overlooked in Child Custody Visitation Agreements.  It is not in the Court’s “standard” visitation schedule.  Also, Halloween is a moving target.  It’s not always a weekend.  Due to this it can result in one parent “having” the holiday more than the other and the other parent’s “rights” dependent solely on the whim of the calendar.  Sometimes this is not a problem when mom and dad get along, but sometimes this is used against the other parent.  Put Halloween in your papers if you have young children.  It’s a fun day and a special time!

Matthew Thompson is a Child Custody/Visitation lawyer in Mississippi and warns that if you don;t want to be scared on whether or not you have rights to Halloween visitation, it is best to put it in your papers.

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