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Friends Don’t Let Friends Post on the Internet

We’ve blogged on not posting ignorant or incriminating things on FaceBook. (5 FaceBook Don’ts)&(5 More Don’ts).

The prior posts really dealt with you avoiding bad behavior, or at least bragging about it publicly. But, your obligation to be smart should not stop there.

You should not let your friends post hate or trash either. Using a surrogate does not insulate you from the potential carnage.  That well-meaning friend being critical of your ex, or their new squeeze, is a direct reflection of your inner thoughts, even if it’s not!

Ask that your well-meaning friend refrain.  That they not post about how evil, vile and repulsive your ex is, about how ugly, inside and out, his/her new soul mate is.  They can think it, you will probably even talk about it over Mexican and margaritas, but don’t post it on the Internet.

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and uses FaceBook and other social media sites a lot more than you probably realize.

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