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How to be a TERRIBLE Person. (11 specific ways you can be mean & hateful.)

In my profession I get to see a lot of what not to do almost, every day; from videos, texts, and emails to actions and sometimes inaction.

So, I have compiled a list of what terrible people do.  If you want to be terrible do these things, in no particular order.

  • Curse and scream at your spouse, as loud as you can, as often as you can.
  • Curse and scream at your children.
  • Make false abuse claims.
  • Lie about the false abuse claims even when it’s clear they are false.
  • Bad-mouth your child’s other parent to the child.  (Hey, it’s the truth, right!)
  • Interfere with their time with the child.  Just do it.  Sure it hurts your child too, that’s what makes it even more terrible.
  • Abuse your spouse or child. (Any form – all are terrible, some more-so than others.)
  • Refuse to support your family.
  • File suit when your ex paid 5 days late, even though they told you. It’s the principal, right?
  • Threaten to make public private images. (and mean it when you say it, at least in the moment.)
  • Refuse Christmas visitation.  Just because.

There you have it, 11 mean, hate-filled things that you can do to be terrible.

Oh, and if you don’t want to be terrible don’t do these things.” – Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law Attorney in Mississippi and tries not to do terrible things or give terrible advice.

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The DIRT!** (24 Dirty Deeds in Family Law)

One of the unique things about my profession is that I routinely get paid to discuss the embarrassing, wild and sometimes just ignorant things people do.

apologies to AC/DC

The DIRT is/are the things that the other side says you did, even if you did not do them; substance abuse, crimes, non-payment, hateful things…

What cannot be stressed enough is that you have to be honest and forthright with your attorney. If you hold something back and do not disclose the full story it can come back to bite you. Being bitten could mean not getting custody, having to pay attorney’s fees, going to jail or any combination of these.

What are Examples of Dirt you ask?

  • 1) Instances of substance abuse,
  • 2) DUIs,
  • 3) Public Drunks,
  • 4) Child Endangerment charges for DUI with the children present,
  • 5) Arrests for assault,
  • 6) Battery,
  • 7)Crimes of moral turpitude or
  • 8) Violence,
  • 9) Substance abuse, even if not caught,
  • 10) Knowing you would test “hot” or “positive” for an illegal drug or
  • 11) Prescription drug for which you do not have a prescription.
  • 12) And not telling your attorney any of the above is dangerous, even if they don’t ask. Sometimes we don’t know or think to ask if you
  • 13) Are on probation from any crime.
  • 14) Is there a no contact Order against you,
  • 15) Domestic violence charges pending,
  • 16) Active warrants for your arrest,
  • 17) Suspended license.
  • 18) Are you under investigation?
  • 19) Meth lab in the garage,
  • 20) Not to mention having a paramour, an affair,
  • 21) Multiple affairs,
  • 22) Paying for your mistresses’ vacation,
  • 23) Buying the mistresses’ child a car, or
  • 24) Expending large sums of money on frivolous things.

These are just 24 examples of DIRT that I saw…last week. These dirty deeds may be done dirt cheap, but it’s going to cost you to clean it up!

Matthew Thompson is a family law attorney in Mississippi and can only attempt to clean up the DIRT that the client admits.

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