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“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” – Bill Clinton

Monicagate, LewinskygateTailgateSexgate, or Zippergate

Whatever you call it, it’s the case that parsed words over what the definition of “is” is and put a focus on what is and is not sex-and ergo adultery.

Mississippi defines Adultery as uncondoned Sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex, not your spouse.  To be adultery you have to be legally married, then have  intercourse with a person, not your spouse, of the opposite sex, without permission of your spouse before or forgiveness of your spouse if after.  What a definition!

Uncondoned – is the part that requires it not be with permission or forgiveness, whether before or after.

Sexual Intercourse – is the part that requires sex, and what Bill Clinton based his testimony on.

Opposite sex – is the part which requires the other person be the opposite gender from the adulterer.  This one is interesting as technically speaking a same-sex rendezvous does not meet the definition of adultery, maybe for a number of reasons.

Not your spouse – is obvious.

A Valid marriage – usually obvious, but every now and again that issue comes up.  If you are not legally married, then it is not adultery.  Mississippi abolished common law marriage over 50 years ago.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” – Bill Clinton

Whether is means now or is mean was, consult an attorney if you find yourself in precarious or Lewinsky-like situations.

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Reasons for Getting Divorced~$ex, $ & boredom.

There is article after article and study after study listing the Top Reasons for Divorce.  Here are my “unscientific” Top Reasons for Divorce.

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1) Sex.  The complaint is either one wants too much, one wants too little, or one is having it with someone they are not supposed to.  Frequently its a combination of all 3.

2) Money.  The complaint here is that one has too little, one wants too much, or one is sharing it with someone they are not supposed to, or spending on something they should not, or spending money they don’t have…

3) Getting Old.  This complaint can refer to;  a) the concept of the relationship getting old, losing its “new car smell,” becoming incompatible,  or it can refer to b) the parties actually getting old and, typically, the fellow trading his current spouse for a newer, younger model.  Crass, but true.  Additionally, getting old can refer to c) the bad habits, the nagging, the actions that you used to be able to tolerate from your spouse, but have gotten on your nerves so much that you can no longer take it.

These are frequent reasons that cause divorce, or at least contribute to the cause of divorce.

What else do you see as a primary reason for divorce? Post in Comments or Email.

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