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Friday Fun

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Just some humor to brighten your Friday.

Matthew Thompson is a Family Law attorney and reminds you to find the humor when and where you can…


Your Day in Court.

Everyone has his day (in court) and some days last longer than others.” – Winston Churchill (a paraphrase).

I had a victory today in Court. I was in County Court of all places, somewhere that I do not frequent. It was not a family law case either. It was a dispute over money though, and I deal with that a lot. It was a fair trial, in front of a fair judge that went to great lengths to hear both sides.

“It’s funny how the outcome of Court determines whether you had ‘your day’ in Court or a ‘long day’ in Court” – Matthew Thompson

Matthew Thompson is a  Family Law Professor at MC Law and a Family Law Attorney and can help you to have your day in Court.

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BowTieLawyer’s Top Rated Posts of 2012 (and a few of my favorites)

Below are the Top Rated posts for BowTieLawyer for 2012 and a few of my favorites.  Thank you for viewing this blog, posting comments and sharing.  I think this is a worthwhile blog and I enjoy doing it.

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